Worth the read #20

11 Jun

How I Became an Unfair Teacher

The Real Reason Apple Wants You to Talk to Your House

How to live wretched and small

How to Make the Narcissist in Your Life a Little Nicer

Racism Lives On Under the Cover of ‘Religious Freedom’   **United States of America

Republicans Are Claiming the New Climate Rules Will Wreck the Economy. They’re Wrong.

Why Coders Are Going Nuts Over Apple’s New Programming Language

How Do You Get a Train Moving?

Brood III, The Iowan Brood, Will Emerge in 2014 **Local interest only?**

The Morbid Fascination With the Death of the Humanities

How Comments Shape Perceptions of Sites’ Quality—and Affect Traffic

El Niño 70% likely to arrive in summer, says US weather forecaster

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GIS Technician and Social Studies educator in training. This was created as an outlet for my interests in World Geography, History, and Environmental Science while keeping my computer skills up to date.
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