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28 Jun

Original Tweet from Breitbart News…

The Tweet as I found it on Tumblr 27th June, note: @AllAmericanGirl account cannot be verified as of this writing…

The Tweet below is from a party who has since shuttered their account, quite possibly because they were schooled…hard!

Mira Sorvino’s response is directly getting to my overall point… 

Similar to Mira Sorvino I studied geography, and then history in college. My concentration was on immigration, particularly that of Germans from the mid 19th century through post WW I. Subsequently, I also became a student of the Third Reich by default, as history is written ‘compartmentalized’ but is actually just one very long unbroken chain of events. When you  study history, especially your niche, you become quite aware of nuances of behaviors that raise little red flags, Mira’s thinking is not entirely differnt than mine has been since the summer of 2016. History does NOT repeat itself, but we can learn from history to look for clues in our modern times. Econimists due this often, often with much less chagrin than historians get. When experts express concern it is not because we believe that the Third Reich or Adolf Hitler are going to magically return (utterly impossible).  Our opinions are to remind people that so much of the ‘root cause’ from that era was simply a masquerade that evolved very quickly, especially when given enough rope to do so.

Heed warnings of historians, the context of what we are saying is not necessarily the same context of that of your own, we have a deeper and more complex understanding of certain subjects. Historians are not driven by any sort of monetary value (goodness knows that is the truth!), but by passion for a subject we love. Some are driven by motives that transcent the discipline, in some cases it is obvious, others not so much, take care to get a broad understanding of the material at hand, democracy may depend upon it.  

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